1. Micro & Mega Futurestic Pvt. Ltd.

    your trusted company, specializes in providing essential fire safety services, including state-of-the-art fire alarm systems, and a comprehensive suite of related services. We are dedicated to ensuring the utmost safety for businesses and organizations, offering reliable and advanced fire protection to protect lives and property effectively.

    Fire System: Elevating Safety and Communication Services

    We provides comprehensive fire safety and communication solutions, including Public Address, Light Dimming, Active Network, Passive Network, Optical Network, Accessories, Peripherals, and Tools.

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Secure Your Property Using Our

Fire Alarm Service

Fire Alarm Design

various fire products
Integration with mep & hvac services
supply,installation and maintanace

Electrical and Automation

We are ready to serv you on extra low voltage and automation

Lighting Service

Elevate your shopping experience with our expert lighting service